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Achievements 19 of 17 complete
Ninjutsu 3 times
Stealth Adept 2 times
Stealth Adept
Stealth Master 1 time
Stealth Master
Stealth Legend 1 time
Stealth Legend
Ambush 156 times
Big Kahuna 173645 times
Big Kahuna
Brutus 4963 times
Royal Ride 42749 times
Royal Ride
Stainless 21100 times
PPM 10000 34039 times
PPM 10000
PPM 30000 29559 times
PPM 30000
Laser Show 4387 times
Laser Show
Snowstorm 25 times
Spotlight Finish 3881 times
Spotlight Finish
Bauer 14577 times
Olympian 39028 times
Bizarro 1 time
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fuzz_head: "Quite an achievement! I don't know if I'll ever get to 2,000 hrs at the rate I play nowadays."
fuzz_head: "Another 3k skill rating!? You are on a hot streak!"
fuzz_head: "About time! It's been 5 weeks since I've played too."
fuzz_head: "You're gonna have more 3k skill ratings than me in a few months at this rate!"
fuzz_head: "Yup, haha, these are from their new album. Really upset, though. Surfing really well today, but can't get clean finish. Btw, I like the songs you are doing today."
fuzz_head: "Damn, you didn't have to do that! Yeah, just added it today after you mentioned it. Thanks much! :)"
cs188: "Congrats on surpassing XenoRizos for the most counts of Brutus! I guess that makes you the most competitive friend in all of AS. :)"
fuzz_head: "Hey, good job on finishing the folder. I'll get to that this weekend, I think."
fuzz_head: "Just keeping you on your toes. :) I don't know if I'll have the energy to try to take those back when you reclaim them (which I know you will)."
fuzz_head: "Thanks, glad to be back. I did just today notice that the album had the song w/o Hayley Williams and I used the wrong one. Score has been removed."
Audio Balboa: "well, I'll stop disturbing you with Disco Inferno - i treid to make a video, but its damn hard to hold the concentration for over 10 minutes"
fuzz_head: "That was my 5th highest PE score that you dethroned. 'grats!"
cs188: "Just wanted to say I'm not dead and will return to Steam someday. :) But life took an unfortunate turn, and I won't be back until I'm out of this current rut."
Tibbze: "Nice run on scarlet dawn, but I try to get it back ;)"
Audio Balboa: "nice score on flat beat ! - unfortunately my mouse is broken atm - so I can't play pointman efficiently for the next few weeks"
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