Author Topic: Need help with color-changing rings  (Read 3459 times)


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Need help with color-changing rings
« on: September 23, 2017, 06:07:29 pm »
Hello, so I'm working on an update for my skin, and one feature I have wanted to implement for a long time now is to have the rings change color to match the mono-mode blocks. I already managed to make the track change color dynamically by simply changing the shader, but there doesn't seem to be a shader that lets me override the color for rings.

Is there another way? Am I maybe overlooking a shader after all? Should I just give up?

I'd prefer not to write a custom shader. I'm trying to keep the skin as vanilla and quick to load as possible. If there's no other way though, then I wouldn't have any trouble with it.

I'm not sure if it helps, but here's the skin I'm working on, for reference: Nixel's Mix void edition.