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please go VR
« on: July 16, 2017, 02:22:05 am »
Hi, I was just wondering.. are you planning on developing an app for virtual reality? Ideally HTC VIVE? I always considered your game being immersive as it perfectly engaged visual and hearing senses in great harmony with my favorite music. Only downside was the fact my only interaction was always just 2 fingers on keyboard or slight movement of a mouse. Which felt kinda sily when I compared it with the BOOM of emotions in my head. Combining  this experience with possibilities of virtual reality which makes most of the games immersive as it is, would be just awesome! Be able to completely dive into the exploding, rushing and speeding world generated by music not just thru sound itself and corresponding visuals but with whole my body :)
There is some game out there called "Music shield" at the moment. A lot of sites are comparing it to Audiosurf as it's probably the only game on HTC VIVE at the moment tracking this territory but it's really like comparing 1980's Space invaders to Crysis.. there are indeed attacking aliens in both games you have to shoot, but still not quite the same.