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In-game skin/mod options
« on: August 15, 2014, 07:38:53 am »

I'd like to see more in-game options for controlling the game. Some aspects of gameplay essentially come down to personal preference and may be more appropriate to be in-game options.

Examples of these:
  • Minion availability
  • Mono Jump availability
  • Grey block style

Depending on the UI implementation, that list could likely go on indefinitely. It could include aspects like speed and block density.

Since the original creator of the mod/skin potentially has reasons for certain gameplay choices, it's likely that a means to "save current customizations" should also exist.

There are several mods/skins I'm unable to use together or don't appeal to me because of choices made by the creator that I don't agree with. Being able to override these aspects in-game would allow more mods to be to my liking. (Without sifting through pages of code for a snippet I really don't understand.)

Thanks for your time.