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My Ideas for Audiosurf 2
« on: October 26, 2013, 10:14:46 am »
I have some Ideas for the game:

1. Tags
Like the Tags in Audiosurf.
They are very funny and they have varied the Game.
I would also like to see new tags.
But it would be also cool if in the game were a "Tag Editor" there you can add the tags before the start (and not like in Audiosurf there you put the tags in the name of the song)

2. Option Menus
I would like to modify some options for a mod before the song plays.
(Like Difficulty or Modes)
Also I like to see global options.
(Like Tags and Ironmode and so)

3. Challenges
That were cool! I have two Ideas for challenges:
Challenges with predefined song
and challenges for every song (Like in tutorial)

4. Tutorial
Make it like in Audiosurf! You can play it any time, but you must not play it, and in the tutorial there are not difficult tasks.

5. Hit boxes
The hitboxes are annoying.

6. Advanced Mod Support
Something like holes in the track, that you must avoid.

That was it! (Sorry for my bad english, Im german :D)

This post is from Steam.
Link to Steam:
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