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« on: October 08, 2013, 06:33:57 am »
Big AS1 fan, loving AS2 so far, even at this stage.

I've been enjoying Wakeboarding mode quite a bit, after I got the hang of it.  Now that I'm pretty good at it, I'm finding myself a little bored hanging in the air just doing tricks.  Would be cool if there were blocks to get, avoid, or both, during air time.  Could be special blocks with new mechanics/rules, or standard blocks like on the ground, but something to keep the intensity. Most of the music I play, the most intense parts are the biggest jumps, so I feel like I'm relaxing during the most intense parts of the music.

I personally think an air minefield would be the most enjoyable, maybe with a special Destroy All mine that obliterates the multiplier, and maybe one that detonates all air mines, clearing your path, but sacrifices a set number of points or blocks in the grid.

Wakeboarding is currently my favorite mode, this small addition would make it even better. Or something entirely different but to the same end.
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