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Bugs and Troubleshooting / Live scoreboards: showing wrong (previous song)
« on: December 08, 2013, 01:25:44 pm »
I love the live scoreboard feature! It's really interesting to see how you're doing at any given point in the song. Should help players advance their strategy much quicker.

However, it is a little buggy:
-The first ride after starting the game often doesn't display anything
-Sometimes after riding another song after that, the live scoreboard shows other players and "personal best" for the previous track rather than the one you're currently riding. (this was really obvious when I was in a flat section of a track with no blocks and all of a sudden the other scores leapt up 100, 200k from where the power pellet would have been in the previous track).

Discussion / You can beat these measly scores!
« on: November 30, 2013, 10:13:52 am »
Radio is up! Let's do battle. These scores are wimpy. Get your surf on!

Mods, scripts, skins / UPGRADE-MAN: New Premier Mod from "dschallert"
« on: November 24, 2013, 06:25:20 pm »

Get the mod now!

Using Jagori's legendary POINT-MAN ELITE as a basis, I have crafted gameplay that lets you UPGRADE YOUR BLOCKS!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, your ears are working correctly. UPGRADEABLE BLOCKS! Just match multiple colors concurrently and watch the blocks ahead change into "better blocks" before your eyes! Upgrade all the way to exotic colours like CYAN and TANGERINE for the uberload of fresh-hoppin' pointman points.

One user* said of this mod
"Golly gee whiz mister! Just when I thought coloured blocks set to music couldn't get any better! Up-grade man is like your birthday, thanksgiving, and christmas all rolled up and stuffed into a deluxe carrying pouch! I'm gonna go play it some more right now."

See exciting footage of this gameplay experience here: CLICK

*the guy who made the dumb mod

Discussion / Unofficial AS Radio live! Let's compete!
« on: November 21, 2013, 03:54:19 pm »
Jagori (AS2 modcrafter extraordinaire) and I are interested in more competition in general, but especially on his Pointman Elite mod (which authentically captures the feel of original AS Pointman Elite - scoring is just subtly different).

To that end, we offer a few tracks upon which to focus competition. If you'd like to join in suggesting tracks for a semi-regular rotation (perhaps once every two weeks or so, likely updated on Fridays or Saturday mornings), please message me.

To ensure fair competition, please place the ash files (blahblahblah.asa) into the appropriate folder (likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Audiosurf 2\Audiosurf2_Data\cache\ash )

Chat / Important discovery
« on: November 17, 2013, 02:48:51 pm »

Bugs and Troubleshooting / Block colors 6+
« on: November 17, 2013, 01:09:17 pm »
I noted it another thread but realized it probably belongs in the bug subforum:

-I tried setting the color of the 6th and 7th blocks in a skin, but it had no effect - the blocks come out as flashing rainbowy colors instead.

-I also tried 10 color pusher, and the blocks blink in and out of being visible every few seconds (invisible about 90% of the time).

-White blocks still match if there are minimum match size of them touching. Perhaps it could be made possible to set whether each color matches or not? Or even a match size per color?

Also on this subject: Grays appear when choosing numColors=10. (and perhaps somewhere between 7 and 10?) I know it's possible to code traffic generation to not produce grays, but perhaps the default scheme for N colors could be set to not produce gray unless explicitly included? And since it's possible to set a separate block model for gray, could it be made possible to set a unique block model for every color, if desired? This would be great for making various powerup bricks with special effects.

Mods, scripts, skins / Powerup bricks!
« on: October 28, 2013, 11:54:01 am »
I'm probably reposting

At the moment, I don't think it's possible to define more than 5+1 block types at a given time. Is this correct?

I'd love to be able to create, say, 5 or more powerup types to distribute about the traffic table along with 5 or more regular colors, with each triggering some fancy effects upon use (or even upon being placed in the puzzle grid)

Ideas / Faster Restart
« on: October 27, 2013, 08:30:05 am »
" option to reset the track's blocks, the scoring, all timers, etc., put the ship back at the start of the track (basically restart, but with way faster load time, rather than unloading all the memory and rebuilding the track from nothing)"

Hardcore players won't settle for mistakes, so restart is common. Making restart faster like in original AS would be great!

Mods, scripts, skins / The Comprehensive Mod (component) Ideas Thread
« on: October 27, 2013, 01:08:44 am »
Post your ideas and I'll stick 'em in the list! Already an infinite variety of mod ideas exists, and skilled coders can readily create brand new gameplay were the only thread linking it to original AS is that some aspect of the game is synced to the music. Yet, I think it would be cool to document individual components of mod ideas which could help brew up interesting composites. I'll set out a few categories (more can be added) to sort components of mods into, and start off by listing ideas I've come up with, or noticed from the base game and some of the mods that have been made so far.

Altering Block Types
-"White" Blocks (score for hitting bottom of grid)
Powerup Blocks
 -Match Multipliers
 -Jump (after collecting, enables a jump)
 -Erase (after collecting, hold mouse to delete the color of the block next hit)
 -Chain (after collecting, click to extend match or chain timer)
 -Fancier grays: "toxic" blocks that periodically infect nearby blocks to become gray
 -Armor: protects against point loss or other bad effects from hitting grays

Altering Scoring Mechanics
-Change the curve of the chain
-Change the formula for sync bonus
-Change the curve for match size bonus
-Penalties for adverse actions
-Score for specific objectives
-Various end-of-track bonuses
-Various interactions with gameplay mechanics

Altering Click Actions
-Store a block to be dropped later (pointman style)
-Store multiple blocks to be dropped simultaneously
-Push blocks left and right, or even wraparound
-Erase Blocks
-Restore erased blocks
-Remove adverse blocks (grays, unmatching blocks, etc.)
-Gain a bonus while triggering some random action
-SPIN: rotate the grid left or right (requires same width and height of grid)

Alternate Ways to Trigger Effects
-Click, but only after a condition is met (i.e. min match size, number of blocks in grid, etc.)
-Cross the wake

Altering Traffic
-More or less traffic
-Change ratio of colors
-Homogenize traffic density
-Specify colors and lanes with more detail (i.e. alternate the color and lane of each block in the sequence)

Timer (match, gravity, etc.) adjustments
-Longer or shorter match timers
-Longer or shorter gravity timers (how fast the block drops through the grid)
-Cooldowns on particular actions

Altering Block Collection and Matches
-Blocks come in from opposite side of grid that player influences (i.e. many color-puzzle games where blocks come in from the top while player must race to remove from the bottom before running out of space)
-Alter match size
-Alter match patterns allowed (from Jagori)
-Match upon specific action (match on click, etc.) (from Jagori)
-Block collection is forced (all blocks always collect - perhaps player can then rearrange grid via some other click action) (from Jagori)
-Failure to collect blocks is penalized
-Block collection is conditional (example - to collect blue, need purple in grid; to collect green, need blue in grid, etc.)

Altering the Grid
-Change columns and rows
-Swap grids (you have two at once and toggle between)
-Multiple ships

Radically Changing Everything
-Sync something else to the music and have totally different core gameplay (like Sprint and the Super Hexagon style mod, etc.)

Ideas / More Jack Conte
« on: October 20, 2013, 09:19:42 pm »

Discussion / the new Wakeboard updates rock!!!
« on: October 12, 2013, 07:26:05 pm »
I just played the new wakeboard modes a little, and I heartily agree with all the changes!

I like it for the more tricks, a little more manageable to land those 3.3x multis, but still requires planning and practice to optimize for any given track.

Condensing in to two modes was a very solid choice, I think.

For wakeboard puzzle, I am wondering if it might not combo really well with a puzzle mechanic like Eraser's! That would very much require the mouse and keyboard doing different actions, but that would be okay. Most games require both hands : -p

Ideas / Sustainable Competition
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:54:41 pm »
This is a really premature post, but here goes:

I think the competitive aspect of the game is what will keep players hooked and keep the player base growing well after launch, if done properly. AS1 did a lot of things right, and this game has the potential to go a lot further.

Two main things will do it:
1) Strong anti-cheat measures (perhaps hashing the mod LUA to verify its identity if that isn't already being done), and whatever else was suggested back in AS1
2) Some centralized in-game nexus for specific songs and modes to compete on, like Radio was in the original game

Number 2 is the big 'un! Not only do we now have to worry about players liking too broad an array of songs to focus competition (not to mention the different encodings and recordings of identical title that plagued the original scoring), but we've got a potentially enormous array of mods! Mods promise near infinite depth and replay experience for this game, but they'll be way more fun if players are steered towards just a few specific mods and songs at a time.

-the number of stock game modes should be kept to a minimum of highly refined and distinct experiences. They should be easy to learn and hard to master, just as the original Elite modes were. There should be some modes with near zero randomness, and others with high randomness (precision is appealing to some, while chance and luck appeal to others).
-on a regular basis, Radio songs (Soundcloud access would make this super easy; don't require logging in for more users to get involved?) plus specific user-created mods for each should be featured prominently in the menu/navigation.

Bugs and Troubleshooting / DV "Shared Match!" notification
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:39:51 pm »
I get the text "Shared Match!" popping up for every match in DV, even when there are only 3 blocks matching exclusively in either half.

I suspect the scoring isn't adjusting properly based on this either.

Jagori and I were discussing modding, and he suggested that it might be really cool if one could create a mod, make the script hidden from users so that they couldn't see how the scoring worked, and then the challenge would be to work out what the scoring rules were.

The mod interface already allows an enormous range of possibilities for scoring rules, and some current mods are already taking advantage of that.

Blind scoring rules would add another awesome layer to puzzle modes. Not everyone would dig it, but I bet there'd be a handful of devout enthusiasts ^__^

Mods, scripts, skins / Pointman possible?
« on: October 05, 2013, 04:09:49 pm »
Is it possible to create a pointman mod already? I am guessing that displaying the blocks in a queue is a little trickier to code than what the mod interface might allow.

If pointman were a stock mode, then it would be great to be able to create modded versions (more blocks in queue, change powerup frequency, crazy custom scoring rules, etc.)

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